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East Hill Church of Christ, Pensacola, Florida

Sermons from our Gospel Meeting with
Matthew T. Oglesby (January 2004)

The following sermons are available for you to download. Save the Audio or Video files down to your computer and use Windows Media (or other product that plays Windows Media based audio or video tracks) to play the downloaded file(s).

oglesby-sundaypm-doc.jpg - Sermon outline (Sunday night) Size: 101KB
oglesby-sundaypm-a.wmv - Church Discipline, Part 1 (Sunday night) Size: 8.76MB (Video)
oglesby-sundaypm-b.wmv - Church Discipline, Part 2 (Sunday night) Size: 8.62MB (Video)
oglesby-monday-doc.jpg - Sermon outline (Monday night) Size: 129KB
oglesby-monday-a.wmv - Desiring to Follow Elders, Part 1 (Monday night) Size: 7.26MB (Video)
oglesby-monday-b.wmv - Desiring to Follow Elders, Part 2 (Monday night) Size: 7.50MB (Video)
oglesby-tuesday-doc.jpg - Sermon outline (Tuesday night) Size: 96.3KB
oglesby-tuesday-a.wmv - Diet and Exercise, Part 1 (Tuesday night) Size: 8.02MB (Video)
oglesby-tuesday-b.wmv - Diet and Exercise, Part 2 (Tuesday night) Size: 7.84MB (Video)

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