Bible Study Course

This is a simple, easy-to-follow study of what the Bible teaches about God's plan of salvation for mankind. The course consists of 13 lessons, and you will receive personalized responses in the mail or email (your choice) when you return each lesson for grading and comments.
Click this link to download a compressed file containing the Bible Study course: Bible Study Course ZIP File

Bible Study Material

These are the outlines and other supplemental material that the men of the congregation of the East Hill Church of Christ have put together to aid us in our study of God's word. We are using Brother Bob Waldron's material that divides the Bible into 17 periods of Bible history. Our study consists of 13 Quarters. You may download the supplementary material at your convenience. There are 13 .zip files which contain each lesson for each quarter. Click this link to see a list of the bulletins we have online: Bible Class

Sermon Downloads

The following sermons are available for you to download. Some sermons are audio only and others are audio/video. We have tried to get the files to a managable size for downloading. To do this, some of the sermons have been split into multiple files. Save the Audio or Video files down to your computer and use Windows Media
Sermons on The Home
Sermons on Various Topics
Online sermon Calling on the name of The Lord (January 2008)
We can also mail you a copy of the Bible study course or any of the downloads in this section. Please e-mail us or send a card to the below address.
East Hill Church of Christ P.O. Box 10785 (850)479-2130 2078 East Nine Mile Road Pensacola, FL 32514